WOLFPACK: A group of friends who consider themselves different from the norm, but are bound to each other because of their unique qualities.  – urban dictionary





OUR story

Coming to formation in 2017, WRC is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit dragon boat club team. Our paddlers’ experience ranges from those who have never picked up a paddle before to those with 10+ years in the sport. The common thread that binds us together is our shared appreciation for being on the water paddling together as one unit. When we’re not practicing, you can find us having family-style meals or volunteering around the community.

OUR mission & Vision

Wolfpack Racing Club’s mission is to build an inclusive and supportive community for individuals to make lasting connections and to achieve fitness through competitive dragon boat racing. All of our members, including the board and coaching staff are volunteers. We dedicate our time and energy because of our passion for the sport and the genuine desire to share and grow it. Our goal is to inspire everyone, including youth, to not only lead active lives, but also become active leaders in the community.

join us, won’t you?

We invite you to follow us, cheer for us, and/or join us if you’d like. No experience necessary. Just gotta have hunger and hustle. Whether you’re new to the city or you’re just looking for an extracurricular, we hope you’ll check us out! Learn more about our training and practices or browse our photo gallery to see what we’re up to when we’re on and off the water.

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