Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I’ve never heard of dragon boating, what is that?

    A dragon boat is a 800+lb, long watercraft with 10 rows of seats that sits 20 people. It originates from southern China, specifically the Guangdong Province. The boat is traditionally decorated with a dragon head at the front, a tail in the back, and scales along the body (aka a dragon boat). The sport of dragon boat racing is when 20 paddlers fill the boat, along with a drummer at the front and a steers person in the back, and propels the vessel forward using synchronized human-power. Races are held across the country and throughout the world, from a recreational-level to a world-competitive level. 

  2. What level is Wolfpack Racing Club?

    WRC is a club-level dragon boat team. This means it’s an extra-curricular hobby for our members and we choose to take the time to train and compete at races. Our members and coaches all volunteer to participate in this club and are not compensated. The races are generally for placement and medals, and to give us something to train for. We hope to eventually reach the level where we can race on a national and then international level. 

  3. How do you train in the winter in New England?

    Like true New Englanders, we try to stay outside until it’s physically too uncomfortable to do so. We are on the water canoeing, outrigger canoeing, and/or dragon boating until at least early/mid-October and then find alternative ways to train indoors through April. Our “land” workouts are a mixture of strength, HIIT, and erging — all focused on making us stronger paddlers when we get back on the water in May. You can read more about our trainings here and contact us to join a session!

  4. Do you do anything else besides paddle?

    What brings us together is the common interest of paddling, but what holds us together as a crew is the working out, eating, and volunteering together. Yes, paddling and training come first, but oftentimes you’ll find us hanging out for game nights, hot pot or BBQ gatherings, or doing a weekend hike. We form genuine friendships on and off the boat, and end up developing lifelong relationships. 

  5. What if I’m not sure if I’ll like paddling or if it’s for me?

    “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky Are we right or are we right? In other words, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it out, whether it’s coming to a erging training session or getting into the dragon boat for a practice. Equipment and coaching instructions will be provided to you, we only ask that you be open-minded and willing to try. 

  6. Does it cost anything?

    We believe in 3rd impressions, as opposed to just first impressions. We invite you to check out 3 consecutive training sessions for free. This applies to our winter/land training or our water training in a dragon boat. After that, there will be a drop in fee (ranged $10-$15 depending on the gym) per session you attend. Drop-in fees will be deducted from the membership fee if you choose to become a Wolfpack member. Our membership fee is $400 for the whole season ($200 for winter, $200 for water).

  7. What does it mean to become a member?

    You become a Wolfie who trains and races with The Pack. We also have monthly and ad-hoc social gatherings from hiking to dinners to pool parties to yoga. You become part of a community and get an extended family that you can count on in and out of the boat.